《 Business Meeting 》 24 Jun, 2019

Conference Room

The conference room is equipped with an audio-visual audio and projection equipment that meets the needs of various conferences and educational training. It is the most suitable place for company meetings, education and training.
At the meeting, we can provide exquisite tea cakes, biscuits, coffee, drinks or delicious lunch boxes provided by the restaurant according to customers' needs, so that the guests can replenish their strength and maintain the best mental state at any time.
▲Lease time
▪ ㄇ font(24Persons)
Monday to Thursday NT$ 5500 
Friday to Sunday and holiday NT$6500
▪ Classroom type(33Persons)
Monday to Thursday NT$ 5500
Friday to Sunday and holiday NT$6500
▪ Theater type(200 Persons)
Monday to Thursday NT$ 12,500 
Friday to Sunday and holiday NT$ 13500 

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