《 WEDDING 》 24 Jun, 2019

Chinese Style Wedding Banquet

Chinese wedding banquet offer NT$8,999+10% per table / 10 people
Wedding arrangement
Free use of LED TV wall, large drop-off photo camera back.(must reach minimum charge)
Wedding reception table. (including signature book, gift book, signature pen, thanks card) 
Create a fine dining card, VIP table card & Grand View colorful map card.
Exquisite venue guide poster. (Lobby electronic signboard, wedding banquet guide poster)
The basic decorations of artificial flowers in the wedding venue.
Wedding banquet
■The chef selects a wedding menu.
■The main table is 12 seats (the main table provides special service); the guest table is 10 seats.
■A complimentary bottle of red wine at each table
■Drinks and taiwan beer are available for free.
■A plate of fried glutinous rice ball as an appetizing snack for each table.
■Vegetarian food service per table is 8800+10% per 10 people.(Set menu must under 5 persons)
Romantic gift
■Exclusive lounge
■Sweet honey candies, a beautiful candy basket.
■Set menu berfore banquet.
■Special offer of room rate for relatives.
Special  offer
■A sweet champagne tower ceremony for a banquet of more than 15 tables (inclusive).
■Three special offers for a banquet of more than 20 tables (inclusive).
(1)Wedding planning and wedding reception service.
(2)50% discounts on the test dishes. (including a bottle of red wine, taiwan beer, and drinks )
(3) One night for a standard room values NT$ 4,510 (double bed) and two buffet  breakfast are complimentary.
(Please reserve the room in advance and use it one day before or on the day of wedding ceremony.)
Professional lighting and sound equipment
■Lighting and sound equipment.
■Romantic and warm music.
■Live sound control personnel service
▲The venue deposit is 20% of the minimum total charge for the banquet.
▲The rest of the banquet charge is limited to cash/spot check/remittance ( Invoice will be given) 
Banquet reservation center
Service hours from 9:30 am to 8:30 pm
Direct service line 0978372666 or dial (04) 8354695 ext 555
Non-on duty hours are welcome to call (04) 8333999, leaving your contact information, and the next day the banquet reservation center will contact you.

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