Semi Buffet

New feeling x New main course
American BBQ Chicken Leg, Basil sea bass, Grilled sea bass, Cherry Duck Leg, Fennel Squid, French Pork Ribs, Boneless Beef Row (USA), Simmered Lamb Chops, Seafood Trilogy (Egg Sauce 虎 grilled tabby prawns / Japanese scallops (Hokkaido) / Pan Bao), Hailu trilogy (Angus boneless ribs (USA) / Japanese scallops (Hokkaido) / Pan Bao) and a variety of selected main meals,
It can be combined with a wide variety of appetizers, hot food, cold food, seasonal fruit and vegetable salads, colorful desserts, etc. Comfortable and elegant dining environment.
It is quite suitable for gathering with friends and family, and leisurely to taste the gold medal cooking!!
à la carte
Baked basil tilapia with creamy pesto sauce (3oz) or Grilled mackerel with plum sauce (4oz)
NT$420+10% / per person( Service on Monday to Friday)
Roasted cherry duck leg with honey mustard(7oz)or Pan fried sea bass with marseille sauce(5oz)or Grilled pork ribs with mushroom sauce(10oz)
NT$520+10% / per person
Angus boneless beef short ribs with black currant sauce (American)(4oz) or Grilled lamb ribs (3oz) & lemon mackerel (6oz)
NT$620+10% / per person
Seafood:King prawn & scallops & abalone
NT$780+10% / per person
Surf and Turf:Angus boneless beef short ribs ( American) (4oz) & Scallops & Abalone
NT$820+10% / per person
▴All meals are limited to internal use,  no package service is available.
Service Hours
▪ Breakfast:Weekday 06:30~09:30/Holiday 06:30~10:00
NT$300 +10%  per person.
▪ Lunch:11:30~14:00(Last order 13:15)
Weekday:NT$420up+10% per person;Holiday:NT$520up+10% per person.
▪ Afternoon tea:14:30~16:30
Adult:NT$250+10% per set;Child(Only for young children under the age of 12):NT$150+10% per set.
▪ Dinner:17:30~21:00(Last order 20:15)
Weekday:NT$420up+10% per person;Holiday:NT$520up+10% per person.

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